1. Developing administration in the faculty to ensure its ability to manage change and raise the level of performance.
  2. Enhance governance of work in the faculty
  3. Encouraging authentic scientific research among faculty members and students.
  4. The complete transformation of electronic management.
  5. Activating the use of modern technology and its developments in the educational process.
  6. Developing the system for total quality management.
  7. Providing academic accreditation requirements in the faculty.
  8. Work to raise the local and international classification in the faculty.
  9. Follow up on graduates, and help them in providing job opportunities and get benefit from feedback in developing the level of students and graduates.
  10. Prepare students to work according to the requirements of job cadres for holders of a bachelor's degree within their specializations.
  11. Providing graduates with the scientific capabilities that enable them to pursue postgraduate studies in the fields of computer science, software engineering and mathematics.
  12. Developing students' logical thinking skills.
  13. Continuous cooperation with the local community and its various institutions, to reach sustainable comprehensive development.
  14. Update the academic programs and academic plans of the faculty to suit the needs of the job market.
  15. Seek to ensure the quality of academic programs offered by the faculty to raise the level of the faculty and bring it to regional and global competition.
  16. Attracting highly qualified faculty members and the constant pursuit of their development and continuity