Speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Graduate studies these days are an essential element for advancing knowledge, developing discoveries, and contributing to solving society's problems. We agree on the visions and the ultimate goal, which is to contribute to civilizational and human development.

The University of Jadara has provided all the necessary tools to provide high-quality postgraduate programs with the help of research centers equipped with the latest international equipment, and supervised by professors who hold postgraduate degrees and have long practical experience in the best international universities.

The map of postgraduate studies at Jedar University has been developed based on the visions of the presidency of the university, those visions that were based on investment in the human factor. Therefore, the university offers a variety of postgraduate programs that blend technological, engineering and scientific sciences with humanities and arts in order to contribute to the global civilizational development. While at the same time preserving the building of the human being and consolidating the foundations of morals, values, belonging and preserving identity. I invite you to join the postgraduate studies at Jadara University in order to share with us the achievement of these lofty goals and to contribute with us to the civilizational and human development that Jadara University seeks to achieve at the local, regional and global levels.

The Deanship of the College of Graduate Studies at Jadara University, since its inception, and in cooperation and coordination with the university’s faculties and its various scientific departments, has sought to achieve a prestigious position and a leading role that supports the university’s position among local and international universities, by creating various and accredited postgraduate programs, according to international quality standards, with the aim of enabling Distinguished students who hold university degrees are able to continue their postgraduate studies, prepare specialized scientific and professional competencies, and qualify them with high scientific and professional qualifications to work in various fields.

he Deanship has sought from an early age, in coordination with the faculties, to develop new and qualitative postgraduate programs in various disciplines, until the number of postgraduate programs increased by the end of the first semester of the academic year 2022 in the stages (higher diploma, master’s, more than (13) eleven accredited programs, and no The deanship continues to follow up on completing the accreditation of additional programs through the specialized councils and committees, as in the second semester we will have a master’s degree in Arabic language and literature, a master’s degree in design and visual communication, a master’s in media, and a higher diploma in Sharia arbitration. Through this site, we will work to provide a lot of electronic services and build bridges Communication with society; its level.

n all of this, we derive the help of God Almighty first, then the continuous support of His Excellency the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad TalibObeidat. Finally, a word of thanks and loyalty to all the members of the College Council, male and female colleagues, male and female employees of the Deanship of the College of Graduate Studies, for their efforts, initiatives and actions in order to develop the Deanship and raise its level.


Professor. IhsanorsanElrabbaei