- Teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages. Accordingly, the JULC aims to attract as many students from different countries as possible so that it becomes a center of linguistic diversity and cultural exchange at the university. The JULC thus aims to hold partnerships and agreements with many international universities and institutions for the purpose of teaching Arabic language to speakers of other languages where those speakers can also learn about the Jordanian culture, history, places and society.

-Employing authentic resources and methods for teaching English and other modern languages. This includes organizing constant social activities. For example, organizing conversation groups with native speakers of English. Participation in various activities and events is a great way to more effectively develop students’ language skills.

-Establishing a conversation club with the aim to encourage students to practice and improve their speaking and listening skills in such interactional environments.  This also includes hosting native speakers of English to this club as one way to encourage students to practice their English communication skills.

-Providing English courses for the purpose of testing preparation including TOEFL, IELTS and GRE.

- Designing courses that can meet the needs of all students in the scientific departments at Jadara. The center will offer courses for teaching English for specific purposes: medical and business and for study and thus conducting to the ongoing growth of students at the university.

-Offering courses for employees at Jadara University to raise their efficiency and proficiency in English and thereby become more qualified and professional in the workplace.

-Holding training courses at different levels from the intermediate to advanced levels for employees of public and private sectors. We equip learners with language skills to compete and excel in the workplace.

-Administering English language assessments (speaking and writing). This test, which assesses students’ proficiency in the language, will be administered as a requirement for students’ admission into the Department of English.