Dean's speech

Deanship of Student Affairs


Professor محمدنور صالح عوض الجدايه

Areena Building


Welcome Speech, Dean of Student Affairs

 The Deanship of Student Affairs at Jadara University plays a great and distinguished role in achieving the university’s mission, which has adopted a philosophy based on commitment to the rules of morality, honesty, integrity and commitment to the principles of truth, justice, freedom and tolerance, deriving this from the authentic Arab Islamic constants and noble values ​​and ideals, so its inception and development Based on what the most advanced and developed universities are based on, which confirms that respect for the mind and its way of thinking, and the university reality we live in today tells a living embodiment of the comprehensive renaissance that our dear country is going through in various fields and at various levels, including educational and scientific. My sons and daughters, dear students

The Deanship of Student Affairs seeks, through its various departments and departments, to provide everything that is useful to students through a number of modern and developed extracurricular activities and programs to keep pace with the remarkable development at the present time, through the development and diversity of cultural, artistic, sports and literary fields, and to provide Many counseling, psychological, social and health care services. My sons and daughters, dear students: Jadara University is a university for all the sons of the country from the south to the north and from the east to the west... It has opened its arms to its Arab students.... We are also aware of the specificity of our role towards you, in revealing your multiple talents, and preparing a new generation that takes responsibility and realizes His role in the renaissance of our dear country, so that it is the torch that the country carries in the race of peoples towards a bright tomorrow, and in commitment from the Deanship of Student Affairs to the visions of His Majesty the King in caring for young people and giving them the opportunity to contribute to public life and participate in decision-making, we are keen to hold and organize specialized seminars and lectures that Provided by professors and specialized experts, in cooperation with public and private local community institutions, and serious work in establishing student bodies such as the Students’ Union and clubs that have diverse objectives and programs that suit students’ interests. The Deanship of International Student Affairs has also given great attention and provided them with clubs and programs of their own, in addition to paying attention to university students with disabilities that contributes to their integration into the university and the local community, through a special department affiliated with the Deanship that deals with their affairs and academic and cultural needs. And to involve them in various activities and initiatives that suit their conditions. own. 

My sons and daughters, dear students:

 We welcome you to Jadara University, and we hope that this scientific edifice will be the perfect choice in which you will fulfill all your wishes and aspirations, and that you will be the building blocks of nation building,,,,, the country of love and tolerance,,,,, You stand out. It contains the values ​​of your belonging and loyalty to the homeland and the Hashemite leadership.



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