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The First Jadara International Conference on Mathematical Sciences (JICMS), taking place at the Jadara University in Irbid, Jordan, is set to be an extraordinary gathering from the 25th to the 27th of November 2024.

The primary aim of this conference is to bring together accomplished academic scientists and researchers, providing a platform for the presentation of their pioneering research outcomes, inventive concepts, noteworthy advancements, and practical applications spanning the entire spectrum of Mathematical Sciences. Through the convergence of experts from diverse disciplines, the event aims to encourage collaboration and initiate discussions on the most recent discoveries, methodologies, issues, and challenges in the field of mathematical sciences.

The conference schedule ensures the delivery of compelling presentations by internationally renowned scientists, ensuring participants receive valuable insights and inspiration from a diverse range of perspectives. Each presentation will allow attendees to deepen their understanding of emerging trends in mathematical sciences.

Moreover, this conference serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge and goes beyond that by fostering the creation of potential collaborations and joint projects among researchers. Through the facilitation of networking opportunities, the event strives to cultivate meaningful partnerships that can significantly contribute to the advancement of the frontiers of mathematical sciences.

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Jadara University

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  • +962-2-7201222
  • jicms@jadara.edu.jo
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