Vision, Mission and Core Values

Deanship of Admission


Using the latest technologies and mechanisms in order to provide the best services in the internal and external environments by facilitating procedures, solving problems and receiving suggestions that would raise the level of work and its progress.


 Excellence, modernity, and leadership  In providing services and conducting various operations to compete with local and regional universities.


  • Using the latest technologies in order to improve procedures, evaluate performance and provide the best services.
  • Working to reduce the number of visitors to the deanship after converting all operations into electronic.
  • Speed ​​and complete accuracy in completion.

 Core Values:

  • Fairness and respect in dealing.
  • Equality for all.       
  • Clarity with procedures.
  • Transparency.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Perfection and good performance.

Increased belonging and loyalty to the university


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