Department of Accounting


       Welcome to Accounting Department/ School of Business The Department of Accounting was established in the School of Business at Jadara University in the first semester of the academic year 2009/2010, in order to contribute to the provision of manpower and human resources scientifically qualified in the field of accounting and to meet the need of different local and Arab institutions in the public and private sectors in this area To create and develop an intellectual environment that enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills required to practice accounting in both the public and private sectors in a professional and ethical manner to achieve success in the changing accounting environment.

The department provides postgraduate students with a master's degree in accounting.

       The department offers a distinguished study plan consisting of (132) hours of study hours to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with the modern business environments of various types of private and government establishments, under the supervision of distinguished faculty members in an integrated learning environment in terms of classrooms, laboratories, books and global databases.

       The department has taken great strides in the field of excellence and competition at the level of Jordanian universities, and the graduates of the department in have a distinguished reputation. Finally, the department will strive to provide the best for its students and will always strive to build a distinctive reputation for both graduates and local and regional graduates


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