Faculty of Law


أستاذ دكتور. علي جبار صالح صالح

Building D411


  1. Graduating a distinguished quality of law students who are able to understand and analyze legal rules and apply them to facts and events, and to solve legal problems with a creative and analytical approach.
  2. Providing  high-quality education that responds to the needs of the labor market in order to achieve the vision that the college aspires to.
  3. Developing students' analytical, written and personal skills and enabling them to be flexible and open minds capable of logical, critical and analytical thinking.
  4. Advancing the scientific research and striving to keep pace with the development and modernity in the field of legal studies by relying on modern technological systems in the educational process.
  5. Raising the level of cooperation with the local community and civil society institutions with the aim of spreading legal culture and developing awareness of the law among members of society.
  6. Opening up areas of cooperation and partnership with international and local human rights centers and institutions, and actively contributing to the development of Jordanian legislation


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