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Efficiency Exam

Exam Instructions

Dear Colleagues, Deans of Colleges, Based on the previous circular issued by His Excellency the President of the University regarding the competency exam for the first semester 2023/2024 according to the specializations and faculties identified by the National Examination Center / Accreditation Commission for Higher Education Institutions, the exam will be held at the university on Wednesday, 06/12/2023, in three sessions :-

First is from 9-10:30 , Second is from 10:30-12 and Third is from 12:30-14

according to the attached tables, with the need to circulate to everyone in your colleges that the specific disciplines will be subject to the exam this semester. As for the rest of the unspecified disciplines, they are not required to take the exams. I also attach to you the instructions for the exams. I kindly request you to find out and do the necessary Thank you and appreciate your kind cooperation

(Where coordination will take place by telephone between the Dean of Admission and Registration and the Head of the Department at the beginning of each session).


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