Deanship of Scientific Research


1. Supporting and rewarding achievement in research and development.

 2. Making scientific research a higher value for university employees and students.

 3. Enabling university employees to master scientific research skills through preparing workshops and training courses.

 4. Setting priorities and strategies for multidisciplinary research.

 5. Facilitating scientific research and publishing for faculty members and students at the university.

 6. Coordinating research efforts in the Deanship of Scientific Research and the various university faculties and centers.

7. Embracing research collaboration and knowledge transfer with regional, national, and international universities and industrial partners to address research challenges and needs. 

Procedures to achieve the goals:

1. Cooperating with official institutions and the private sector through conducting joint research and providing scientific consultations.

 2. Organizing and encouraging scientific research in the university faculties.

 3. Supporting the publication of research in international peer-reviewed journals.

 4. Supporting the registration of patents for researchers from the faculty members.

 5. Providing the necessary material and technical assistance to researchers from the faculty members and students.

 6. Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops at the local, regional and international levels.


 The Deanship is committed, in all its activities, events, and programs, to consolidate a set of values that the university is committed to:

 Self-responsibility: Bearing responsibility towards oneself, the university campus, and the country as a whole.

 Respect and appreciation: Respect and appreciation for the faculty, administration and students at the university.

Transparency: Dealing with transparency and rationality in all the work of the Deanship.

Freedom: Safeguarding the freedoms of researchers under the umbrella of the law.

Distinguishing: Performing all work with a high degree of efficiency.

Creativity: Developing and encouraging creative ideas and solutions in scientific research.

Encouragement: Rewarding and adopting distinguished researchers and those with pioneering initiatives.

Adaptation: The ability to respond quickly to changes with flexibility and high readiness.

Justice: emphasizing equal opportunities and dealing impartially and fairly with everyone.

Development: Focusing on looking ahead and committing to continuous planning.


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