Department of Marketing


The department was established in 2008 to keep pace with technological and educational development in the field of marketing to meet the needs of the local and regional market with qualified personnel. The importance of establishing this section comes through the global trend of the importance of marketing specialization in most sectors of public and private institutions.

To keep pace with the rapid development in marketing, the department conducts a continuous review of plans, academic decisions and scientific research and seeks to develop them continuously. Based on our constant eagerness to keep abreast of the continuous development in the field of learning and education and to upgrade our classification site at the local and global level and to achieve Jordanian strategies and visions in keeping pace  with the rapid progress during smart revolutions In the world of economics, management, the marketing process, and the use of smart technology, which has become one of the basics and indicators of administrative creativity that leads to economic prosperity.

From this standpoint, we have started to change study plans to simulate the levels that they must be within the Jordanian qualifications and their outputs. In this way, we have met the requirements of large and medium-sized companies by providing them with competencies from the marketing department that carries the outputs and educational and knowledge specifications and practical skills.

After examining the local and regional market in the field of marketing, I found that the number of companies in the field of specialization is high, the employment rate is average and the competition rate is also average. We have built these standards on references such as employment sites in the Middle East and the records of the Ministry of Higher Education for the numbers of students in each discipline as a competitive indicator for jobs After graduation as well as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce guide, from this we see that the field of employment in this specialization is in continuous progress.


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