Graduate Studies


The students joined the postgraduate programs at Jadara University since its establishment in 2006 as a university for postgraduate studies. It initially started with seven postgraduate programs, and these programs received both general and specific accreditation. At the beginning of the academic year 2007/2008, the Higher Education Council approved the introduction of undergraduate programs at the university. The university's name was changed to Jadara University, and postgraduate studies were placed under the Deanship of Scientific Research for oversight.

At the start of the academic year 2019/2020, and in line with the university's commitment to global standards and the implementation of its plan for advancement, the Deanship of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies was split into two separate deanships. This restructuring aimed to establish a scientific institution responsible for preparing high-level academic competencies in research and thinking, contributing to the preparation of intellectual and scientific leaders to support national and regional public and private institutions.

The newly formed deanship was entrusted with organizing postgraduate affairs, supervision, monitoring, and development in collaboration with the university's faculties. It was tasked with creating distinguished master's programs, whether through joint programs with international universities or programs originating from the university. The focus also included ensuring the quality control of scientific research and dissertations.

As part of the implementation of the plan for postgraduate studies' advancement, regulations and effective procedures were reviewed, and necessary amendments were made. The university's governing councils approved various incentives for postgraduate students to enhance the quality of their research and theses. Awards were established for the best master's thesis in each program, and students were given opportunities to actively participate in specialized local and international scientific conferences. Priority was given to scholarship opportunities for doctoral degrees for top graduates. Concurrently, efforts were made to develop curricula to align with global developments in various scientific fields, ensuring quality. Additionally, a group of highly qualified and academically distinguished professors were recruited to work at the university in their respective specialties.


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